Contrast of yogurt and jam flavors in the new packaging design. 

Client: Molokiya

Location: Ukraine

Year: 2020

Activities: packaging design, art direction.

Molokiya is one of the biggest players on Ukrainian dairy market that has taken care of Ukrainians’ health for more than 20 years producing healthy dairy products. Molokija is a brand that shows dynamic development and offers customers many new products that meet present needs of the young audience. 

We were asked to create a packaging design for a new line of thick dessert yogurts. Our main goal was to introduce the customer to a cool new twist: two-layered yogurt, which is a dense natural white yogurt on a sweet berry jam base.

This contrast of yogurt and jam flavors is represented in the packaging design that we created. The visual style demonstrates the same richness of texture, vivid colors, and bold contrasts.

You have blueberry, blackberry, cherry and strawberry flavor to choose from. No matter which one you go for, we hope you will discover your personal favorite.


Product Manager: Anastasiya Zhurska

Marketing Director: Julia Demchyk

Packaging design and art direction: Andriy Muzychka

Retouching and post production: Dmytro Shyshkin 

Shooting: Natalia Uspenska